Banda Pacheco

Warning !

Everyone attending a Pacheco-Show:

Gringos, guard Your women !




The eight-piece Banda Pacheco, which had to flee from Mexico and has been on the run since, delivers at their concerts a musical hale of bullets with maximum energy, in fact a mexican Highspeed-Party themed: “Bienvenido a Tijuana – Tequila, Sexo y Marijuana…”

Pacheco mixes Ska, Punk, 60ies-Trash, Reggae, Raggaton and Latin with ancient obscure mexican rites and traditions to a spicy musical “Pozole”. (Pozole = a tasty Mexican dish)

The Locos from Banda Pacheco met behind the rotten walls of the notorious prison in Ciudad Juarez, from where they could escape because the oh so pretty Marisol from the women wing inflamed enamoured and in love to Rafael, bewildered the Jailors. Only because of that the “Damned of this earth” are free again.

Pacheco is on the lam since, the single misdeeds are:

Rafael, called “El Pacheco” or “El hombre de corazon y musica”, sometimes “El hombre con la pinga mas grande” und even “El Mero Mero”, the most sexiest Man between Rio Grande and Rio de Janeiro, had to flee to Europe, leaving behind him many desperate Chicas from Durango to Campeche. He had to evade the bulletts and violent attacks of a uncountable numbers of fathers and mothers …

Lorenzo due to promises of marriage not honoured (42 times) whilst under the influence of Tequila and Acapulco Gold …

It is told, that Tibor Ur´s wild trumpet virtuosity caused unrestrained orgiastic sexual excesses in the audience again and again …

Christian, “The Honest”, the book keeper of the band, for his surprising approach to numbers concerning money – phantasyless jurists, who don´t know about the goals of Revolution, call it ahem, “Fraud” …

Graf Andrassy for involvement in Contrabanda trying to smuggle Ganja from Jamaica to Greenland, but got misled cathastrophically finding his way …

Simon, notorious harems-pimp from Los Angeles, became automatically delinquent for participating in a Deep Purple Revival Band and was arrested several times for stalwart playing of “Smoke on the Water” …

Gregor, nicknamed “El Chico”, originally a secret agent spying on the “Banda” who later was turned and became a firm part of the band as his conscience could do not other. Since then smuggeling millions of clandestine micro-films in his keyboards with explicit pleas for civil disobedience and resistance …

and, last, but not least, Don Manolo for contempt of every aspect of sanity !

“Pacheco” by the way means “to be stoned” and meanwhile the Compadres from Banda Pacheco are wanted by the FBI, the CIA, the World Bank, the United Nations, the Red Cross, the Mexican musicians union, Father and Mother Sanchez, Perez, Villas, Villanueva, Garcia Garcia and once again (another) Sanchez plus Marisol personally !

It´s gonna be loud, wild, fast and dangerously beautiful !


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