Banda Pacheco

Pacheco supports the big Anti-PRISM-Demonstration “Freedom instead of Fear” on 7th of Sept. in Berlin and will be playing LIVE on Alexanderplatz!

Compadres, it´s time to show resistance and not put up with everything anymore, please also support “Freiheit statt Angst” and also especially Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden, 2 true heroes of our times, which have to suffer badly for this – Hasta la victoria siempre !


Demonstration “Freiheit statt Angst”

Compadres, we are ready for resistance, it is time to go on the streets, for example on Saturday, 7th of September in Berlin and Vienna:

The Viennese anti-PRISM-demonstration “Freiheit statt Angst” is also scheduled for Saturday, 7th of September, 1pm in front of the parliament , Dr. Karl Renner-Ring 3.

Venceremos !


Album release!

On Feb. 25th Banda Pacheco will present their new album at Vienna´s legendary Ost-Klub!
That night the band will play their new material only.
Special live appearence by the incompareble soul-singer Aminata Seydi!

Cover: 5€ before, 9€ after 10 p.m.

DJs for the release party that night:
Adish, Sid Data, Kalo
Be there!

Link to Ostklub

Interview Televisa (Mexican TV)

Rafael talking about the band´s developement and music and  Televisa´s Zoom music.


11.11.´11: “Plata Corrompe” (Money Corrupts) appears as online-single!

It´s Banda Pacheco feat. the Kenyan rapper Cloud Tissa.
Live-Showcase in Vienna´s Elysium same day!
Look for us on i-Tunes and other online-music pages!
Download Plata Corrompe on i-Tunes



The new album “More than just a game” will be out on the 20th of januar 2012!
We´ll appear on Pate-Records and be distributed worldwide by Rufftrade .
Due to our label manager Mario Rossori there will also be a reprint of our first album
“La Madrugada” that has been sold out long time ago.
Check out our ‘Shows’-section for the upcoming concerts!


Banda Pacheco Live Show

  • October, 2014
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